Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adrienne, that one guy, assisstant principals, my parents, Megan

It is November 21st, 2013. My students are working on summarizing news articles and I am typing this post, thinking about the past 3.5 months.

If you hadn't heard, this is my first year teaching, real teaching, none of that student teaching business. They, the educational powerhouses that be, don't tell you that real teaching includes being inundated with emails, meetings, parent interactions and daily squabbles about inconsequential school rules that most students detest following.

There is so much information that I want to write about teaching, so many hilarious and terrible things I want to remember about how my mind has been working this first year of teaching but this isn't the post for that information. This entry is to celebrate my life, the hardships and the everyday triumphs that encourage me to continue despite the ridiculous amount of stress I have felt while undertaking my first ever "real" teaching endeavor...

It's going to be quite wordy, and maybe a little repetitive, but here it goes. The list of my 2013 thankfulness. 

Adrienne. My niece, Adrienne, is due to make her amazing arrival a month from today. I can't begin to describe how thankful I am that my sister and Chad are bringing a little girl into this world. Watching them go through the process of trying to add to their family over the past 4 years has been the hardest thing I have ever had to experience or see. At times, I felt that I would have given everything in my possession to help them achieve their dream of having a baby. Finally, one day in May, Meg and Chad delivered the news that we had all been waiting years to hear and now, the arrival of Adrienne is only 1 month away. It is impossible for me to describe how thankful I am that she is on her way, she is far and away the best thing that is happening and will happen to our family this year and in the years to come.

That one guy, if you must know, is Ken. He started pursuing me in August and I should have known that he wouldn't stop until he had me, which is exactly what he did. It has been a long while since I have been in a relationship with anyone, but dating Ken feels surprisingly natural, like really, I don't know what life was like before him. I realize, after typing that, that I might sound pathetic and somewhat overly enthused about Ken, but it's hard not to be. I am so thankful to Ken for listening to me, for talking a little bit too loud most of the time, for telling me when I am being a "little crazy," for cooking and buying me dinner when often, I forget to eat. Ken has made the past 3 months pretty damn great, so thanks Ken (love baby squirrel).

My assistant principal is the next on this list. He has seen me cry, smile, laugh and freak out multiple times this year and he always has my back. I feel so lucky to have an administrator who cares about me as a person and knows what it feels like to be a newbie. My last 3.5 months would not have been possible without his unfailing support.

finally, i will always be eternally grateful to my parents and my sister. As stated about 1,000 times previously in this post, the past 3.5 months have been real. I can't even begin to imagine the minutes my mom has spent talking me through this school year, the countless hours she has spent listening to me go on and on about me and my life. my father has show his support through positive emails, bonfire parties and quotes of the day that manage to make me smile even at 6:30 in the morning. And now, my sister! Not only is Megan gracing my life with a beautiful baby girl, but she sends so many positive cards and notes through snail mail. i LOVE getting mail, opening the cards and seeing her sweet notes.

I am thankful for so many good people in my life. I am thankful that I get to spend everyday working with students; even though some days it is challenging and frustrating, I still chose the right career path. I am thankful for Jon, Kate and Lauren who have put up with my frustratingly busy schedule that keeps me from seeing them as much as I would like. I am thankful for Danielle and Luke, thankful that they have moved back to Kansas City. I am thankful for Kansas City, the beautiful skylines and night skies that fall brings to us.

So, thank you to each and everyone of you who have spent time making my life better and more beautiful.

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